Study Loan

For degrees longer than 2 years

Pay for your preparatory, undergraduate or graduate studies.

Fixed interest rate of 3.95% NIR

4.09% APR.

  • Request from €3,000 to €75,000.
  • Up to 8 years to repay.
  • No commitment fee.
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Do you want it?

  • Applying for your Study Loan (degree longer than 2 years) is as simple as:

    • Fill out the application form.
    • Send us the documentation we request.
    • If everything's correct, we'll deposit the money into your account.

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With the BBVA Estudios Loan you will also be able to finance your studies abroad.


  • How you can use your Study Loan (degree longer than 2 years):

    • It's a one-stop loan to finance study programs lasting more than 2 years, for your pre-university, university or higher studies, in Spain or abroad.
    • Request the total amount you will need for the duration of your studies, and the repayment period.
    • Make arrangements to pay for your studies and pay only for what you need during that time.

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How does it work?

  • Request the amount you think you will need for the duration of your studies. Every year, request part of that amount and use it to cover the expenses related to your studies.

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Apply for your Study Loan (degree longer than 2 years)

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