If it sounds familiar, count on BBVA


This number indicates the product risk, with 1 / 6 representing the lowest risk and 6 / 6 representing the highest risk.

BBVA is affiliated with Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per person for the total of all deposits established at BBVA.

Why do you think it's good for them to have their own BBVA card and app?

And, want to know the best thing? Whatever their age, it won't cost you anything

Children's Aqua Debit Card

No issue or maintenance fees.

By Bizum and transfers

Transfers via bbva.es, the BBVA app or at ATMs within the European Economic Area.

For card payments in foreign currency

And for withdrawing cash up to 3 times a month at ATMs outside Spain.

Your doubts and those of many families

It is important for you to know and understand the documents we make available to you before opening these accounts. You can view them here:

IP Children's Online account: pre-contractual information document detailing the terms and conditions between BBVA and the account holder.

FID Children's Online account: information document about the fees applied for using the main services associated with the payment account.

IP Goals Savings Account for Children: pre-contractual information document detailing the terms and conditions between BBVA and the account holder.

IP Children's Aqua Debit Card: document with pre-contractual information that details the conditions between BBVA and the account holder.

You can also view a list of the most representative services associated with a payment account.

Together we will lose the fear of finances

Having good financial habits helps them face the world and ensures their well-being in the future. We have created these nuggets to help you build your relationship with money. The sooner you start, the better.
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Competition completed

Thank you all participants! MasterChef has gotten in touch with the winners to inform them of their prize, which they are already enjoying.

Competition completed on 06/30/2024

Help him or her become the next aspiring MasterChef Junior

Aged 8 to 17? It's time to show their talent. All they have to do is cook one of the recipes we propose and they can win a place in the MasterChef Camps or participate in the on-site casting of the next edition of MasterChef Junior!

Do you already have a photo of the recipe?

To dazzle the judges, you just need to follow these steps

1. Cook one of the three recipes from the MasterChef World app

The recipes will be explained in detail in the app's The Kitchen section. All you have to do is choose one and replicate it step by step. Which one are you best at?

  • Zucchini noodles carbonara style.
  • Veal sirloin in red wine juice with turned baby vegetables. 
  • Strawberries in various textures.

2. Take a photo of the result and share it on Instagram

In order to see how well the recipe came out, you will have to take a photo and share it on Instagram.

Don't forget to tag @bbva_espana and @masterchef_es and include the hashtag #BBVAMCJunior

3. Complete the form and add the photo of the recipe

Finally, you will only have to complete the form and attach the photo. We will send it to the MasterChef judges so they can select the winning recipes.

Do you already have a photo of the recipe?

If your recipe wins, you will receive one of these prizes

  • 8 to 12 years old

    3 of the best recipes can win a direct pass to the on-site casting of the program without passing through the elimination phases. Here the contestants will compete for a spot to participate in the next edition of MasterChef Junior 11.
  • 8 to 17 years old

    10 of the best recipes could win a place in one of the 6 camps throughout Spain. They will be able to learn how to cook with expert teachers, enjoy various activities, and meet former contestants from the show!

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