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What you value the most deserves the best protection: we offer a wide range of insurance products to meet your specific needs. 

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  • BBVA Vivienda Insurance

    The personalized insurance that guarantees your home is protected: pay only for what you need.
  • BBVA Third-Party Car Insurance

    The coverage you need to ensure your car is always protected, with over 600 trusted workshops at your disposal.
  • BBVA Life Insurance

    Protection for you and your loved ones in the event of illness or death. Choose the coverage that suits you best.
  • BBVA Vivienda Insurance for tenants

    Protect your property and any damage that may occur at the property where you live. 
  • BBVA Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Offers great coverage for your car. Includes broken windows, theft or fire, personal damages and total loss.
  • BBVA Más Salud Insurance

    Let us take care of you with the BBVA Health Insurance. Enjoy comprehensive healthcare in the hands of the best professionals.
  • BBVA Travel Insurance

    A policy to guarantee your travels: medical assistance and relocation in the event of accident or illness. 
  • BBVA Vivienda Insurance for High End Properties

    Choose this insurance if you own a property spanning more than 300 m2 and you want to protect works of art and high-value objects. 
  • BBVA Motorbike Insurance

    The insurance that covers damages to your motorbike and its occupants. Select the type that best suits your needs:
  • BBVA Pet Insurance

    Protect the health of your pet: healthcare in the event of an accident or illness and civil liability.
  • BBVA Accident Insurance

    Protection for you and your loved ones at a price you can afford. Two guarantees: death and hospitalization.
  • BBVA Legal Assistance Insurance

    We'll help you with your legal questions and problems: extensive coverage for €52 a year. 
  • BBVA Asistencia en viajes Mini Insurance

    Worry-free travel: from medical fees to lost luggage. No limits on the number of trips and destinations.
  • BBVA Repatriación Insurance

    The insurance that helps foreign residents in the event of death far from their place of origin.
  • BBVA Funeral Insurance

    We help the family with the expenses and make the arrangements after the death of a loved one. Three different policy types.
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Do you want to save on insurance?

  • Group all your BBVA insurance products together, pay the premiums monthly at no additional cost and save up to 15% on your bills.