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Contributions to a pension plan can be deducted from your annual tax return

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Pension plans and tax benefits

Get a higher deduction on your tax return.

Depending on the autonomous community where you live, you will be eligible for different tax deductions based on your situation: number of children, type of primary residence, donations, educational expenses or purchase of shares, among others. This complete calculator details all the deductions, depending on your place of residence.

You can also benefit from a greater deduction on your personal taxes by contributing to a pension plan. The contributions you make during the year will be deducted from the taxable base for your personal income tax (IRPF in Spanish), up to the lesser of the following amounts: €8,000, or up to 30% of your net earnings from work and economic activities.

*Contributions made to individual pension plans can be deducted from the general taxable base for Personal Income Tax (IRPF in Spanish), up to the limits established in the tax regulations. This means that the indicated savings will depend upon the contributor's income tax rate, and may vary depending upon the region of Spain (Autonomous Community). Promoter and Depository Company: BBVA. Managing entity: BBVA Pensions, S.A. EGFP. All BBVA Pension Plans include a basic information document for holders, which can be consulted at w‌‌ or any BBVA branch.

Source: Tax Agency.

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