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Specialists in car rentals for individuals

Get a Volkswagen T-Roc Life 1.0 TSI 110 HP for less than €15 a day.

Choose a customized rental offer and forget about extra expenses

The vehicle you need, at a competitive rate and with these advantages:
  • Check-ups, repairs and maintenance in approved repair shops.
  • Unlimited tire replacement.
  • Damage repair service. With a €150 deductible.
  • Obligatory and voluntary civil liability insurance with coverage for driver and occupants.
  • Legal assistance and handling of fines through the administrative system.
  • Drive a new car every 3 years without having to purchase the vehicle.

Deals and models

Check our range of low-emission vehicles, as well as other terms, kilometers or vehicles.

Find the one that best suits your needs from our wide range of vehicles.


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These terms and conditions are valid from 04/01/2023 to 06/30/2023.

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Legal information

ALD Automotive S.A.U is the lessor and is solely responsible for fulfilling the obligations of this document. This company is outside the BBVA Group and uses the BBVA AUTORENTING brand licensed by BBVA, S.A.

Car renting

This is a long-term non-financial lease which includes management of the asset's maintenance and services, thus ensuring it will remain in a good state of repair and operation until the end of the contract, through the payment of regular installments. Any entity (public or private) or any self-employed individual is able to take out a renting contract. Is renting a car more expensive than buying? If we take into account all the variables: maintenance at official service centers, changing tires at around 40,000 km, comprehensive insurance, etc., renting would work out approximately €3,000 cheaper. This saving is due to economies of scale and the large purchase volumes.