BBVA simulators

We assist you by making all types of simulators available.


  • Discover how much your home may be worth, and analyze other information related to your home.
  • Which mortgage best meets your needs? Our simulator will help you choose the best option.


  • Calculate the financing conditions of the loan you need in just 3 minutes by using our simulator.
  • We'll help you calculate the financing terms for your next car with our specialized loan simulator.


  • Calculate the IBAN CODE of any bank account.
  • Quickly calculate your gross and net salary, the corresponding withholdings or the amount of your paychecks (monthly and extra).
  • Calculate your gasoline cost for a trip or yearly fuel consumption based on the kilometers traveled using the online calculator.

Pension plans

  • How much state pension will you receive when you retire? Find out in three simple steps.
  • With our calculator, you can find out the final benefit you will receive when you retire.
  • Would you like to know how much you can save on your annual tax return if you contribute to a pension fund?

Mutual funds

  • Find the best investment fund in which to invest your savings and start to get a return on your money.
  • Calculate the returns of an investment quickly and easily using the calculator we provide you.
  • The BBVA investment fund calculator helps you to find out the returns you can get with your savings.


  • Use this calculator to find out how much interest you can get with our bank deposits.