BBVA Vivienda Insurance

The insurance that will guarantee your home is protected.

  • Pay only for what you need.
  • Change or expand the coverage whenever you want.
  • Sign up conveniently from our app or website. 

What does it cover?

  • Basic cover

    • Fire, explosion, lightning strike and smoke.
    • Flooding and damage from liquids.

    • Heavy rain, strong wind, hail or snow.
    • Cosmetic damage.
    • Debris removal expenses.
    • Substitute residence.
    • Damages due to theft in the building.
    • Public liability non-contractual.
    • Legal defense extended.

You also get additional services

Do you want to expand your home insurance policy?

  • Depending on the type you choose, you can expand the coverage of your BBVA Vivienda Insurance:
    • Breakages, impacts from the outside, electrical damage and damage to refrigerated goods.
    • Extended protection and theft: covers theft and acts of vandalism inside the home, lock replacement if your keys are stolen, as well as fraudulent credit card use.
    • High-value extensions: covers theft outside the property, lock replacement due to lost keys, household employee dishonesty, temporary transfer of insured goods, provides comprehensive accident coverage and extraordinary assistance.

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What additional coverage can you purchase?

  • You can also add to your home insurance:

    • Repair service for a washer, dishwasher or refrigerator.
    • Express service: we'll get there even faster if a loss occurs in your home. If we don't meet the stipulated response times, we will refund you that year's premium on your next home insurance bill. This service is automatically included in the total coverage policy.
You can change or expand the coverage type without having to wait until the expiration date.

What are the requirements?

    • The home to insure must be in Spain.
    • We will verify its age, construction materials and location.
    • The information relating to the square meters of the home, attachments and common areas must be correct.
    • The value of the building and its contents must be properly declared. Any change must be reported for it to be covered in the event of a claim.


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