BBVA branch locator

BBVA has one of the largest networks of branches and ATMs in Spain. In total, BBVA has more than 1,800 branches throughout all of Spain and more than 4,500 ATMs to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. BBVA customers pay no fees at any of our ATMs.

At BBVA, we have a large network of branches where you can carry out all your operations. But we want to go a bit further; thus, we are introducing new services at our branches with a view to improving your customer experience and providing a quality service:

  • Customer Wait Time Manager, to optimize your experience and cut down on in-branch wait times.
  • Customer Identifier Agent, so that you are always attended to by the right person to handle your operations.

Our network of 4,500 BBVA ATMs gives you the independence you need in order to do your banking in a way that is simpler, more customized, faster and more secure. Find your nearest ATM and discover all the transactions you can do at BBVA ATMs. See table of operations.

Furthermore, the new browsing features of our ATMs make it easier for you to carry out your usual operations and also offer new innovative functions and services.


  • We have unified the design and made it similar to and mobile apps. So that your browsing experience is the same regardless of the channel you are using.
  • Improvements in access and browsing experience, as it is now possible to access and operate at ATMs with your passwords.
  • New functions and services, such as buying and selling securities, cancelling cards due to theft or loss, the option of selecting the type of bank notes (20 or 50 euros) in cash withdrawals...
  • And always maintaining the strict security levels of BBVA.