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Pension plans have a risk component that must be taken into account in each specific product

Calculate what you want to contribute to your pension plan

With the ability to choose between different products adapted to each person's profile and retirement timeline, this pension plan calculator is very useful for planning pension plan contributions so you can enjoy your retirement. Easily get an example of your ideal pension plan.

It also allows you to estimate the amount of your contributions and to calculate the tax saving that you will get from these contributions during the first year; the more you contribute, the more you save in your next annual income tax return. You can thus calculate your retirement pension.

Keep in mind that the amount you contribute to your pension plan is limited to 1,500 euros. You cannot make contributions above that amount.

Finally, this calculator of benefits for pension plans helps you estimate the level of income you will have upon retirement thanks to the calculation of the pension (the sum of your Social Security pension and your estimated life annuity income or financial income from savings accumulated in your Pension Plan/EPSV).