Inheritance Processing

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  • Service for customers and non-customers.
  • You can manage it at a branch or 100% online.
  • We'll guide you through the whole process.
  • For non-customers, identification with a DNI or TIE. 

You'll have our support, whether you are a BBVA customer or not

Request the processing of your inheritance however you prefer


If you are already registered for the BBVA user space, log in to from your computer and request the service in your personal area.

If you are not yet registered for the user space, you can do so free-of-charge and with no commitment. In this space, you will also find different features and information on financial products. If you do not want to register as a user, you can go to a BBVA branch to process your inheritance.

More information

At a BBVA branch

We offer the Inheritance Processing service at any of our branches, whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

If you choose to request the procedure online, follow these steps

From (computer or cell phone) or the BBVA app, access the user space. Remember that to request the service online, you must register in this BBVA space for non-customers. If you don't want to do so, you can process the inheritance at a branch.
From (computer or cell phone) or the BBVA app, go to the link you will find in the Global Position or in the side menu, in the operations section.
From (computer or cell phone) or the BBVA app, fill in any missing or new contact details if necessary. Remember that your email address must be validated. 
From (cell phone only) or the BBVA app, go to Inheritance Processing, even if you have started the process from your computer. If your identity document is a passport or NIE (document without photo), you must go to a BBVA branch so that we can identify you and continue processing your inheritance there.
From your computer, log into your personal area at and continue with the process by providing the necessary documentation.

You choose how to request the processing of your inheritance


If you are a customer and you already have a login password for your personal area, you can easily and conveniently request inheritance processing from your computer at

At your BBVA branch

Our inheritance processing specialists will advise you and guide you step-by-step at your branch. 
If you have a password to access your private area at, we recommend that you do so in this way, since you will receive a faster response. If you still don't have your login password, you can create it easily.

Then, these are the stages of the process that we will follow together

  • 1. Notification of death

    Death certificate sent to the bank to confirm the death.
  • 2. Certificate of positions

    A document is obtained that includes the products and balances held by the deceased at BBVA as of the date of his/her death.
  • 3. Documentation for the distribution

    Documentation is provided with the distribution instructions, as agreed by the heirs.

What documentation are you going to need?

Whether you want to process the inheritance at a branch or online, this is the documentation you will have to provide.
  • Death certificate.
  • Certificate of last will and testament.
  • Will or Record of Common Knowledge or Declaration of Heirs.
  • Document of acceptance and awarding of the inheritance.
  • Settlement of the inheritance tax.

In the following article you will find more information on each of these documents.

Banking procedures in the event of inheritance or death

Do you want more information on the Inheritance Processing service?

See our Help guide for heirs.

Would you like more information?

Whether you are a customer or not, you can request the service in two different ways:

  1. Online via or the BBVA app. If you are a customer, you must access your personal area with your login password, and if you are not a customer or a registered user, you must register in the user space.
  2. At any BBVA branch.

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