Responsible business

Integrity, caution and transparency.

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We do Responsible Business, and this means focusing all our activities on people.

We know that there are many things we can improve, but we won't do business at any price.

For this reason, we speak of profitability, but always bearing in mind the principals of integrity, caution and transparency.

In Spain, Responsible Business means:

  • Offering solutions to all families having difficulties paying their mortgage loans.
  • Promoting the generation of employment and the growth of the Spanish economy, basically through support to small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Creating a relationship with our clients based on openness and transparency.

Fondo Social Vivienda

BBVA is one of the entities signing the agreement to set up Fondo Social de Vivienda, which is aimed at facilitating access to housing for people in need or socially at risk due to eviction. 

All of these homes are offered at social rental conditions at prices of between €150 and €400 a month, with a maximum limit of 30% of the total net income of the family unit.

Any person who has been evicted from their usual place of residence since December 31, 2007 is eligible to benefit from the Fondo Social de Vivienda (Social Housing Fund). You can view all the relevant requirements and documentation here and download the application form.

BBVA renews its commitment to the Social Housing Fund in 2024 by offering 250 homes throughout Spain.

For further information or if you have any queries, call us on 900 821 532, from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm.

Press release on COVID-19 measures for the Social Housing Fund

Check the measures available to families living in Social Housing Fund (FSV) homes to delay their rent payment

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What is Fondo Social de la Vivienda?

It's an agreement to help people who are needy to access social housing.

Who can apply for a home from Fondo Social Vivienda?

Anyone who has been evicted from their home since December 31, 2007 and is currently in need or socially at risk. 

What price are these social rentals?

From €150 to €400 per month, limited to 30% of the total net income of the family unit. 

How does BBVA contribute to Fondo Social de Vivienda?

BBVA renews its commitment to the Social Housing Fund in 2024 by offering 250 homes throughout Spain.

Best practices code

BBVA adhered to the Code of Good Practices established by Royal Decree-Act 6/2012, of March 9, regarding urgent measures for the protection of mortgage holders without resources, and to the modifications introduced by Act 1/2013, of May 14 and by Royal Decree-Act 1/2015, of February 27.

The aim is to seek the viable restructuring of the mortgage debt for the holders of loan or credit contracts guaranteed with a real-estate mortgage on their main home that are suffering from extraordinary difficulties to keep up with payments, finding themselves on the "exclusion threshold". 

You can view the informative document drawn up by the Company with a summary of the protective measures regulated by Royal Decree-Act in order to help its customers to understand these measures, the requirements necessary to access them and the documentation necessary to prove these requirements. 

If you would like more information or you have any questions, contact your adviser or call Contact BBVA.

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