Credit cards

Purchase with your credit limit and pay at the end of the month, the following month or in installments.

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Travel Pack
New Travel Pack
Save on fees when paying and withdrawing money abroad with your card. Enable it and disable it whenever you want from the BBVA app.

Manage your credit cards with the BBVA app

  • Contactless payments. Make purchases or even take out cash at BBVA ATMs directly with your phone. Without touching any buttons. 
  • Optimize costs. You can change your monthly credit limit, change the payment method or defer purchases instantly. 
  • Your money is 100% secure. You'll get transaction alerts and be able to turn your cards on or off whenever you need to. 
Find out about all the financing options you have with BBVA credit cards
Click on the video where we explain the different options available to you.

Advantages of BBVA credit cards

BBVA credit cards let you pay for purchases even if you don't have enough money in your account. How? It's very easy. Every purchase you make using your credit card in a given month will be charged to your account on the 5th of the following month, with no interest charged as long as you have enough money in your associated account to cover the total.

Credit cards also offer other payment methods, letting you finance your purchases and pay them off over time. Deferring payment in this way requires payment of interest or fees. Credit cards are issued only after a study is performed by the bank to determine the amount of the credit limit made available to you.

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