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Get up to 4% for bringing over your plan

Transfer a plan from another bank to BBVA and get up to 4% of the transferred amount.
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Discover sustainable investment solutions that let you save for your retirement while at the same time promoting a greener and more inclusive world.

Get up to 4% for bringing your pension plan to BBVA

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Saving for your retirement is essential. BBVA offers a wide variety of pension plans depending on your age and investment profile. If you've already decided to open a pension plan, just select the one that is best for you and enjoy bonuses for transferring external plans to one of the plans in our campaign.

Contributions are deductible from the general tax assessment base for personal income tax (IRPF), up to the limits established in the tax regulations in your Annual Tax Return. 

Before opening a plan, be sure to read the liquidity alerts, risk indicator, and Basic Prospectus for each of our plans.

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If you have any questions about pension plans, you can request information from us.
If you have any questions about pension plans, you can request information from us.