You can now use the BBVA app even if you're not a customer

Start enjoying some of the advantages of the BBVA app for free. 


Connect all your banks in a single place

You will be able to view the information from all your accounts, cards and financial products, without having to jump from one app to another.

And, of course, you decide which banks and products you want to add or remove at any time.

Bank with your aggregated accounts

You can check balances and the latest transactions, and make transfers involving your aggregated accounts.

As if you were in your own bank, but without leaving the BBVA App.

Everything with the BBVA security guarantee

Your data will always be protected and you will only access your banks using your own passwords under a secure environment.

Very soon, you will also be able to...

  • Save your favorite homes

    So you can check the price whenever you want and decide if it's best to rent or buy.
  • BBVA Bconomy

    It will help you keep track of your expenses, create a financial cushion or set a savings goal.

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