Debit cards

Pay in any establishment and withdraw money without paying fees in more than 6,000 BBVA ATMs across Spain.

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All our cards have these fantastic characteristics

On/off cards: Turn your card on and off using the BBVA app.

Fee-free debit card cash withdrawals at over 6,000 BBVA ATMs throughout Spain.

Pay with your smartphone and take advantage of special offers.

Security and control over your payments with immediate notifications for payments made and cash withdrawals.

Advantages of BBVA debit cards

Debit cards are the most common type of bank card and they are also the simplest. How it works is very simple: The debit card is associated with a bank account and lets you pay in stores or withdraw cash at ATMs. The transaction amount is debited instantly from the balance available in the associated account. If you do not have enough money in the account, the transaction is not authorized.

With BBVA's debit cards, you can withdraw cash for free at any ATM in the BBVA network. There are more than 6,000 BBVA ATMs distributed throughout Spain, so you can have access to your money whenever you need it.

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