Credit cards
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Manage all your cards with the BBVA app

  • Contactless payments. Make purchases or even take out cash at BBVA ATMs directly with your phone. Without touching any buttons. 
  • Your money is 100% secure. Receive transaction alerts and turn your cards on or off whenever you need to. 
  • Optimize costs. You can set a spending limit on your credit card, limit its use or instantly defer your purchases.

What type of card are you looking for?

Credit, debit or prepaid? It depends on how you want to pay

  • Credit cards

    Purchase with your credit limit and pay at the end of the month, the following month or in installments. 
  • Debit cards

    Use the money you have in your account to pay for purchases or withdraw cash. 
  • Pre-paid cards

    Top up the card with the money you need to make a purchase or withdraw cash. 

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