If you are not clear about its use, choose the card for its payment method

  • Credit cards

    Purchase with your credit limit and pay at the end of the month, the following month or in installments. 
  • Debit cards

    Use the money you have in your account to pay for purchases or withdraw cash. 
  • Pre-paid cards

    Top up the card with the money you need to make a purchase or withdraw cash. 

Are you not sure which of the cards to choose? Compare and decide more easily

Select the cards that interest you most and find out how they can help your economy.

Find out how to finance your purchases with BBVA's credit and debit cards

BBVA credit and debit cards allow you to finance your purchases and thus keep your finances in balance.


Want to know more about cards?

A bank card is a physical means of payment issued by BBVA. It's ideal for doing all types of transactions: withdrawing cash, making purchases, making payments, etc. The bank card is issued in the holder's name and must be blocked and reported if it is lost or stolen.