BBVA Más Salud Insurance

Everything you're looking for in private health insurance.

  • More than 45,000 specialists and 4,200 medical centers at your disposal.
  • Access to the Sanitas medical staff.
  • Lets you save when you combine it with other insurance.

What does it cover?

    • General medicine and specialties (gynecology, pediatrics, etc.).
    • Surgery and hospitalization.
    • Pregnancy and childbirth follow-up.
    • Treatments (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, radiation therapy…).
    • Dental 21: access to a wide range of dental services and coverage with special prices, subject to deductible.
    • Tests and diagnoses (x-rays, ultrasounds, resonances, etc.).
    • Second medical opinion.
    • 24-hour emergency telephone.
    • Prosthesis.
    • Emergencies abroad up to €12,000/person.
    • Podology: 12 sessions. 
    • Psychology: 15 sessions. 
    • Logophoniatric treatment. 
    • Prevention programs.

And you can add

What are the requirements?

    • You must be under 75 when you take out the insurance.
    • Depending on your situation, you must answer a few questions, do a medical survey or take a medical check up.
    • Once you purchase your insurance, you will have to wait before requesting certain services; here is a list of the grace periods:
      • Outpatient surgical procedures - 3 months.
      • High-tech diagnostic tests - 6 months.
      • Psychology - 6 months.
      • Childbirth or Caesarean - 8 months.
      • Tubal ligation or vasectomy - 10 months.
      • Complex therapeutic methods - 10 months.
      • In-patient surgical procedures and hospitalization - 10 months.

Which option do you prefer?

  • What would you prefer?
    • BBVA Más Salud without co-payments: a higher fixed premium with no additional payments.

    This is a good option if you frequently go to the doctor. Everything is included in the premium.

    • BBVA Más Salud with co-payments: a medium premium + low-cost copayment.

    This is a good option if you occasionally go to the doctor. You pay a fixed premium + a reduced amount every time you go to the doctor (the 6 first medical services in a year are free).

    See co-payments table

    • BBVA Más Salud Esencial (with co-payment). a lower premium + copayment.

    This is a good option if you don't normally go to the doctor. You pay the lowest premium + a copayment whenever you go to the doctor.

    See co-payments table

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