Loan calculator for homeowners' association

The BBVA Homeowners' Association Loan Calculator allows you to calculate online and free of charge the financing for any renovation

Calculate financing for homeowners' association renovations

More information

The simulations performed by the Banks calculator based on the information included by the customer/user is merely for informational purposes, and therefore does not represent an offer or recommendation from BBV a for contracting the product indicated in it. BBV a also has no commitment to its concession, nor to the customer/user who uses the simulator for the application and/or contracting.

The information contained in the calculator does not substitute or modify that which is contained in the pre-contractual and contractual documentation corresponding to an application for finance. In particular, BBVA will provide to the customer/user the documents specified by the applicable regulations.

For higher/longer financing amounts/periods, as well as for the possibility to include a grace period with the financing, please contact any BBVA branch.