Calculate the repayment on your mortgage

Use our mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly payment of your mortgage loan and the associated costs, quickly and easily. After doing the calculation, you will be able to choose the option you are most interested in.

Which is the best mortgage for you? We'll help you calculate your monthly mortgage payment and expenses

Calculate your BBVA mortgage payment in just one calculation and find out which option is best suited to your needs. 

Thanks to our variable-rate and fixed-rate mortgage calculator, you can discover the approximate monthly payment for your mortgage. In the same online mortgage calculation, you can also quickly calculate the estimated expenses and taxes associated with the mortgage. 

Remember that at BBVA we offer you the following types of mortgage:

If you're thinking about buying a house, remember that with BBVA, you can also do a personalized study of your future mortgage.


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A mortgage calculator is a financial calculation tool that lets you estimate the approximate monthly loan payments and the amount you could request to finance the purchase of a home.

The BBVA mortgage loan calculator also offers extra information that might interest you, such as an approximate calculation of the expenses associated with the purchase of your home, like management costs, the notary, taxes, etc.