Solar panel installation

Install solar panels and save up to 70% on your electricity bill

  • BBVA financing with special conditions.
  • Help finding and applying for grants with our energy partner.
  • Increase your home's value by installing solar panels.


Do you need to finance your solar installation?

At BBVA, we offer you a loan with advantageous conditions:

  • 4.75% NIR
  • APR from 4.87% to 5.45%
  • No commitment fee or cancellation fee.
  • From €3,000 to €75,000.
  • Up to 10 years.

An example of financing

Here's an example of financing for a solar installation, to give you a clearer understanding:
  • Loan amount: €7,000
  • Term: 10 years.
  • Interest rate: 4.75% APR / 5.09% NIR
  • Constant monthly payment: 73.39%
  • Total amount to be returned: €8,900.98

The APR was calculated taking into account postage expenses: €0.78 monthly.

Start enjoying all the advantages of solar self-consumption

Save month to month.

Save up to 70% on your electricity bill when generating and consuming your own energy.

A complete solution.

Complete installation on your roof, processing of licenses, authorizations and legal registration of your installation with our energy partner.

100% renewable energy.

Take care of and protect the environment with clean energy that reduces CO2 emissions.

Increase your home's value.

Install solar panels and increase the value of your home.

Sell any surplus energy.

If you produce more energy than you consume, it is returned to the grid and you are paid for this.


We help you to identify and process grants, so that you can save up to 40% on the cost of the installation.

Calculate your savings on the electricity bill and calculate the installation

Now you can access your customized offer in just three steps:
  • Confirm your home address to find out the estimated number of panels you will need.
  • Get a personalized offer based on the calculation of the optimal number of solar panels, and find out how much you could be saving on your electricity bill.
  • An expert will contact you to arrange a home visit, at no additional cost.

Clean and endless energy. Would you like to know how it works?

Solar panels allow you to generate and consume clean energy during the hours when the sun is shining. Any energy that you do not consume is returned to the grid and you are paid for this.
  • Capture of energy and self-consumption: the panels produce renewable energy during the hours when the sun is shining, and your home will be able to use the energy produced at the same time.
  • Surplus returned to the grid: any energy generated and not consumed is offset on your electricity bill as surplus energy.
  • Energy consumption from the grid: grid electricity will be used only when your home needs it during the hours when the solar installation does not generate enough energy.

Do you still think that installing solar panels is not for you?

Whatever your home, we offer you a complete solution from our energy partner:

  • Personalized study for your home and tailored installation.
  • Managing paperwork: permits, authorizations and grants.
  • Financing with BBVA based on your needs.
  • As a BBVA customer, you get a 5% discount on the cost of the installation.

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Do you need more information about the loan to install solar panels?

The installation offer is unrelated to the financing. There is no obligation to take out solar panels with the financing that BBVA may offer for this purpose.

If you decide to finance the installation, keep in mind that the application, approval and maximum amount are subject to BBVA's acceptance of the risks. Financing offer valid until: September 30, 2023. The price will be 4.75% fixed NIR (APR from 4.87% to 5.45%). Amount: from €3,000 to €75,000. Term: from 12 months up to 10 years. No commitment fee or cancellation fee. Payment of the monthly installment: the last day of each month. Direct debited from a BBVA account.