International Symbol of Accessibility

BBVA has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy aimed at generating a positive impact on society, as we strive to leave no one behind in our goal of making all the opportunities of this new era available to everyone.

We are strongly committed to accessibility and universal design, which drives our efforts to create various initiatives aimed at removing any barriers that users may face when accessing our services.

ILUNION seal of accessibility: BBVA phone online banking

Ilunion has certified the work done to remove barriers in our online banking for private individuals, both in the web version and in the mobile application, with its Ilunion Seal of Accessibility.

Online banking, mobile app and website

The universal accessibility and design of our digital platforms is essential to achieve this purpose and promote financial inclusion. Therefore, at BBVA we are actively working to achieve the optimum level of accessibility according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), level AA.

  • We are dedicated to removing all obstacles to access for our users, and have therefore integrated the necessary approach into our work processes to accomplish this goal:
  • Browsing with the keyboard or with the use of technical aids, such as screen readers.
  • Color contrasts based on the ratios defined in the standard.
  • Use and consistency of headers, buttons and links. Semantics and application of the WAI-ARIA standard in complex interaction elements.
  • Clear and understandable language guidelines.

Given the large volume of pages and features we have, we are continuing to work to reach and maintain levels of accessibility in the majority of our operations.

Easy ATM

An increasing number of ATMs within our network are now equipped with a user-friendly audio-guided interface.

High contrast ATM

Our ATMs now offer a high-contrast interface, making it easier for individuals with reduced vision or those using the machines in certain environmental conditions.
Image of the high-contrast functionality in BBVA ATMs

Contactless ATM

You can use our mobile application to make ATM withdrawals and, if you wish, you can receive audio assistance from your screen reader during the withdrawal process.

Clear language

We are continuously improving our contracts and product information sheets to ensure clear understanding. Moreover, PDF documents are becoming more and more accessible and user-friendly with the assistance of technical aids like screen readers.

At BBVA, we create opportunities, and we want to make them available to everyone.