Young Person's Online Account

No fees or obligations so you're not KO'd at the end of the month

It has arrived the moment of returning the blow and do what want do thanks to your account:

  • Without hidden fees nor obligations.
  • With the super secure Aqua Debit Card.
  • And now, we give back you during 6 months one of the services of Twitch or Uber or one of your subscriptions in Spotify, Netflix, HBO, DAZN, Disney+ or PlayStation Bonus (until €9.99).

See the terms and conditions of the promotion

Only for new customers. These companies are not involved in the promotion.

More than 1 million customers have an Online Account with no fees or conditions


This number indicates the product risk, with 1 / 6 representing the lowest risk and 6 / 6 representing the highest risk.

BBVA is affiliated with Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per person for the total of all deposits established at BBVA.

Fee-Free Online Account

Become a customer by signing up for the Online Account with no fees

And now, save on one of your subscriptions for 6 months

We will reimburse you for the amount of one of your subscriptions for 6 months when you pay for it with your Aqua Debit Card. It is very easy:

  1. Become a customer with the Fee-Free Online Account with no conditions in just 10 minutes.
  2. Pay for your monthly subscription to Netflix, Spotify, HBO Max, Disney Plus, PlayStation Plus or DAZN with your new Aqua Debit Card.
  3. We will reimburse the amount (up to €9.99/month) of the first subscription that is charged to your card for 6 months.

Offer valid until 06/30/2022. Cannot be combined with other current promotions. These companies are not involved in the promotion.

Remember that it is a promo with no penalty or minimum duration

Even if you don't use it, you can still have your Online Account Without Fees or Conditions and the Aqua Debit Card without fees.

Aqua Card. Greater security, more control

A new card with no numbers to control all your expenses.

  • More secure. The card number and CVV code are no longer printed on it. Only you can access them through the app.
  • Dynamic CVV. The CVV security code changes automatically, meaning it's not always the same. This way you will be more protected when you shop online.
  • More control. Temporarily turn your cards on or off whenever you want. This way, you can keep them secure if you can't find them or don't use them.

With the Bank Switching Service, we will handle everything for you

A free way to bring your deposits and bills, or your entire account from another bank, with no paperwork, without having to go to a branch and without talking to the other bank.

Improve your financial health

Take control of your money and receive personalized ideas through the BBVA app, so you can start saving where you didn't know you could.

  • Add savings rules, schedule regular contributions or round up your purchases to save almost without realizing it.
  • Organize your expenses by category to find out how you're spending your money. You can add budgets to track its progress.
  • Receive notifications and know in advance how your monthly expenses will vary, and what transactions or charges you can expect to see in your account in the next few days.
  • Add your home's appraised value to your assets, see its associated expenses and find out how to save on bills.

Do you want it?

Your Online Account could be up and running in under 10 minutes.

Not convinced yet? Then try the BBVA app even if you're not a customer and you'll see

It's possible, because love at first sight is not for banks.

But it's fine, let's be friends. You can use our app even if you are NOT a customer and, who knows, you may end up in love.

  • Keep tabs on all your banks from a single place. 
  • Manage your income and spending and improve your budgeting.
  • Make better decisions if you are planning to buy, sell or rent your house, with BBVA Valora.
  • Now enjoy all the Learning Together content with exclusive features: you can choose your favourite theme and watch the most popular videos.
  • And no need to apply for any products or be a customer.

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Special scheme for displaced people from Ukraine

Go to any BBVA branch where they will inform you about how to open your Basic Payment Account and the conditions for the application of this free scheme.