BBVA Collectives

Discover the favorable conditions that you can enjoy just for being part of one of these professional collectives.

When you belong to a collective, you enjoy the advantages of a great bank with an extra incentive

  • A discount on your mortgage is a great benefit

    Simulate your payment with no strings attached, even if you are not a customer, and see that you can benefit from special conditions when making the most important purchase of your life.
  • A discounted loan to launch your project

    Just for belonging to a BBVA collective, benefit from 1% off the interest rate on your loan by direct depositing your paycheck.
  • A €150 gift, minimum, for direct depositing your paycheck

    Get €150 just for maintaining a fee-free account for one year. And, of course, enjoy many more advantages that BBVA has to offer.
  • Autorenting for collectives

    Enjoy the range of BBVA Autorenting vehicles with special conditions.
Plan Amigo Nómina €50 Colectivos

If you belong to a professional collective, you can get up to €500 for inviting your colleagues to direct deposit their salary from €800 into their BBVA account.

1 colleague = €50 net

And your colleague gets €150 gross

You can bring up to 10 coworkers.

Do you belong to the Host Group? Take advantage of your benefits

A group with special conditions due to being a friend or family member of a BBVA employee.

Exclusive BBVA offer

This is an exclusive offer from BBVA that is entirely external to the entity whose members receive this offer.
You need to prove that you belong to the group.

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A collective is a group of personnel that is determined by their profession or by the professional association of which they are members. At BBVA, we know that each profession has a particular need, which is why we offer you services and products with conditions that are especially designed for you.