Make phone to phone payments from the BBVA App.

Send and receive money from your phone instantly.

  • Directly into your contact's account, even if they use a different bank.
  • Request your password and enable it to start using it. 
  • As simple as sending a message. 
  • Sends or requests money to several contacts at the same time with bizum multiple.

What is Bizum?

  • Bizum lets you send or receive money instantly using your smartphone, to or from anyone, without having to know their account number. You just need their cell number and the money will be sent to their account in under 10 seconds.
    Bizum with Siri

    To make things easier, you can make Bizum payments using your voice via Siri. It is very simple:

    • Open the app.
    • From your "Global Position" select "Settings" and then Siri.

    Remember that you will need to have the voice assistant activated on your smartphone, and the app must have access to Touch ID or Face ID.

    • Next, enter your login credentials to complete the process and click on “Accept”.

    Watch the video

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

Associated features

  • Keep your money under control at all times with My everyday operations, a complete tool that is highly intuitive and very easy to use.
  • Activate the BBVA Cashup feature in the BBVA app and start sending and receiving money through chats.
  • Apple Pay is very easy to use. Add your BBVA Card and buy securely in stores, apps and websites.