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BBVA Trader Platform

Invest just €3 in the domestic market with a platform adapted to each investor profile.

A fast, simple platform available from any device. In addition:
  • Special rates* on domestic and international markets until 03/31/2022.

The promotion is valid for existing customers and new customers who do not hold any securities with BBVA.

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Legal information

(*) Special promotion launch fees. Promotion valid for new customers or customers who transfer a securities account or who do not have securities deposited with BBVA. To receive this promotion, once you have registered as a customer in BBVA Trader, please email indicating your Tax ID number (NIF). Offer valid for customers who sign up through 12/31/2021. The special rates are good through 03/31/2022. These fees exclude charges applied by stock markets and other rates, taxes or tariffs set by the competent authorities for each instrument or market.

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