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Information on opening Basic Payment Accounts and free access to the Account.

More information is available on the Cuenta de Pago Básica.

Index of Required Documents (IDEP) for mortgage-backed loans on a home (Autonomous Community of Andalusia).

Informative document

Interest rates and fees for tacit overdrafts in deposit accounts and tacit overdrafts in credit accounts

Quarterly information on the fees and rates most commonly applied or offered in the most frequent transactions with the most common customer profiles of individuals.

Information on the exchange rates and commissions applicable to transactions with foreign currency banknotes.

Information on minimum interest rate clauses.

More information is available on minimum interest rate clauses.

In accordance with the regulations of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, there is a double coverage, one for deposits and another for securities. In both cases, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000.

Deposit guarantee fund

You can get more information on the extensions to operations under the COVID ICO Facilities in this document.

Payment Account Transfer Service.

More information is available on the Payment Account Transfer Service.

Our Personal Data Protection Policy is continuously updated to adapt to the different data processing we carry out. Therefore, we recommend that you review it every so often, regardless of any informative communications that BBVA may send out.

You can view the latest valid version via the following link: Personal Data Protection Policy.