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The Code of Best Practices for the ICO guarantee facility was published by way of the Resolution of May 12, 2021, of the State Secretariat for Economy and Business Support, publishing the Agreement of Council of Ministers of May 11, 2021, which approves the Code of Best Practices for the renegotiation framework for customers with guaranteed financing specified in Royal Decree-Law 5/2021 of March 12, on extraordinary measures to guarantee business solvency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For more information on the measures included, see the Code of Best Practices in the following document.

You can also find more information on all the extraordinary measures to support business solvency here

Starting January 1, 2021, as a result of the UK's departure from the European Union (Brexit):

- Transfers in EUR issued to and received from the UK will have the same fees as transfers outside the European Economic Area.

- SEPA debit entries issued to the United Kingdom must indicate the debtor's address, as this is a requirement imposed by British authorities. 

When a SEPA debit issuer sends debit entries to the United Kingdom, it must fill out the "debtor address" field; otherwise, the debit entry will be rejected. For all other debit entries sent to any other SEPA country, this field continues to be optional.

- Transfers to the United Kingdom must include the payer's address, otherwise the transfer could be rejected.

Contract information

Consult the discretionary portfolio management service agreement with delegation (Private Banking Portfolios) in effect on this date. We will generate the contract with your personalized data in the application process.

Consult the discretionary asset portfolio management service agreement in effect on this date. We will generate the contract with your personalized data in the application process.  

View the 2/2016 version of the standard contract for the discretionary and individualized global management of investment portfolios and of the contract for investment advice, together with the contract amendments derived from the entry into force of the MiFID II Guidelines, which we have added for your information. These versions are not the ones BBVA currently signs with its customers.

View the contract for comprehensive, discretionary and individualized investment portfolio management.

View the investment advisory contract.

Interest rates and fees

Interest rates and fees for tacit overdrafts in deposit accounts and tacit overdrafts in credit accounts

Quarterly information on the fees and rates most commonly applied or offered in the most frequent transactions with the most common customer profiles of individuals.

Telematic services and online banking terms and conditions

Information on opening Basic Payment Accounts and free access to the Account.

For more information on the Basic Payment Account, see here.

Information on minimum interest rate clauses.

For more information on minimum interest rate clauses, see here.

Information Document Royal Decree-Law 6/2012 of March 9, on urgent measures to protect mortgage loan holders without resources.

Information Document.

Payment Account Transfer Service.

For more information on the payment account transfer service, see here.