BBVA Life Insurance

Protection for you and your loved ones in the event of illness or death.

  • Access to specialized medical services.
  • Insurance for burial and associated services.
  • Improve the policy by purchasing additional guarantees.

What does it cover?

  • BBVA Vida Insurance covers the following contingencies:
    • Death: the beneficiaries will receive the amount taken out in the policy.
    • Insurance for burial and associated services: arrangement of funeral services up to €5,000. Includes telephone assistance, guidance and organization. 
    • Specialized medical services:
      • 24-hour helpline For General Medicine, Pediatrics and Gynecology consultations.
      • Nutritional and diet advice.
      • Health check-up using a quiz on healthy habits.
      • "Get in shape" program to lose weight in a gradual, healthy way.
      • Psychological guidance telephone.

Do you want increased coverage?

  • Depending on the type you choose, you'll be able to expand the coverage of the BBVA Vida Insurance:
    • Absolute permanent disability: protection against causes that prevent you from doing your work or professional activity. Coverage included with the Vida Más and Vida Más 2C option.
    • Cancer or heart attack: receive the amount of the life insurance if you are diagnosed with cancer or a myocardial injury as a result of severe and prolonged blockage of one or more coronary arteries. Coverage included with the Vida Más 2C option.

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What additional coverage can you purchase?

  • You can add the following to your life insurance:

    • Double capital payout in the event of accidental death.
    • Triple capital payout in the event of death by traffic accident.
    • Trip assistance: includes up to €1,200 in medical and hospitalization expenses in Spain, and €12,000 abroad, as well as medical transfer or medical repatriation.

What are the requirements?

    • You will have to fill out a simple medical questionnaire and, if necessary, we will carry out a medical survey by phone or give you a medical check up
    • Depending on your age, each type of life insurance has different contracting restrictions and time commitments.

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