Online Fast Loan Without Documents

Get your money in 8 business hours

Apply for your Fast loan with a fixed interest rate 7.20% NIR* (7.57% APR).

Up to €20,000 and a term of up to 8 years.

  • Without having to open an account with BBVA.
  • Without sending documentation.
  • No commitment fee (until 12/31/2020).
Do you need less than €3,000?
Discover the advantages of the BBVA credit card.
*7.20% NIR and 7.57% APR with direct deposit of your paycheck. 8.20% NIR and 8.64% APR without direct deposit of your paycheck.

How does it work?

  • Get a loan quickly without having to change banks

    Even if you do not have a BBVA account, with the Fast Online Loan Without Documents, you just need to have a paycheck or pension in order to request from €3,000 to €20,000, to be repaid between a minimum of 24 installments (2 years) and a maximum of 96 installments (8 years).

    And, if you prefer, you won't have to send any financial documentation to apply for this fast online credit, because we'll check your financial details by connecting with your usual bank securely and anonymously using your own login password. This way you can have your money in approximately 8 business hours in the account of your choice.

    But if you prefer, you can also apply for your fast credit by sending us documentation (ID number, paycheck, work history, etc.)

If you want it, applying is this simple

Would you like to pay a smaller fee?

  • If you decide to have your paycheck or pension directly deposited at BBVA, you will get 1% off the interest rate on your Fast Loan Without Documents:
If you do NOT bring your paycheck or pension If you bring your paycheck or pension
If you do NOT bring your paycheck or pension

Fixed NIR


If you bring your paycheck or pension

Fixed NIR


If you do NOT bring your paycheck or pension



If you bring your paycheck or pension



Apply for your Fast Online Loan

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