BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

Group all your BBVA insurance policies at no cost and save up to 15% on your premiums.

  • Pay your insurance premiums monthly.
  • The more insurance policies you include, the more you can save.

How does it work?

  • The BBVA EstarSeguro Plan lets you group the payments of all your insurance policies into a single bill and pay it in 12 monthly installments with no interest. You'll also save more on your premiums the more policies you include.

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What insurance plans can I include in BBVA EstarSeguro Plan?

  • You can include the following policies in the plan:
    • BBVA Coche Insurance.
    • BBVA Motorbike Insurance.
    • BBVA Vivienda Insurance.
    • BBVA Health Insurance. 
    • BBVA Life Insurance.
    • BBVA Vida Asistencia +50 insurance.
    • BBVA mortgage payment and life insurance (renewable annually).
    • BBVA Accident Insurance.
    • BBVA medical leave insurance.
    • BBVA Salud Autónomos Insurance.

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