Pre-paid cards

You can top them off as often as you need and use them until the amount you topped off runs out.

Discover the pre-paid card that is adapted to you

  • BBVA Antes Card

    The pre-paid card that lets you control your online payments. You can top it up as many times as you like.
  • BBVA Virtual Card

    The ideal pre-paid card for your online purchases. You can top it up as many times as you like, up to €600 a month.
  • BBVA Antes Young Person's Card

    The pre-paid card for under 30s that lets you better control your online payments. 
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All our cards offer the following features

On/off cards: Turn your card on and off using the BBVA app.

Fee-free card cash withdrawals at over 6,000 BBVA ATMs all over Spain.

Pay with your smartphone and take advantage of special offers.

Security and control over your payments with immediate notifications for payments made and cash withdrawals.

Advantages of the BBVA pre-paid cards

BBVA pre-paid cards let you shop in stores, make online purchases, and withdraw cash at ATMs, all deducted from the balance you have previously loaded onto the card. They can be reloaded as often as you want. Only the amount available on the card’s balance can be spent, which provides security and full control over your spending.

There are two modalities of pre-paid cards: physical or virtual. The physical card is issued as a conventional plastic card, with all of the information included on it. With the virtual card you only receive the information and code numbers you need to make payments online or by using your cell phone. Pre-paid cards are very useful for those who need to control their spending, or as a first card for our youngest customers.

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