Payment services

You offer information on the payment services regulated for the Actual one decree-law 19/2018, of November 23, of payment services and other measures urgent in matter financial.

PSD2 is a European directive that regulates payment services in the domestic market. The new regulation involves fundamental changes in the industry including, among others, payment institutions having access to the payment account services of credit institutions in an objective, non-discriminatory and proportioned manner. The aforementioned access must be broad enough to allow the payment institutions to provide payment services efficiently and obstacle-free. This supposes that the Banks owe allow to third parties suppliers of payment services (TPP) the access to your infrastructure with the object of initiate payments in the name of the customers or provide them an information service of accounts (previous authorization of the account holder). BBVA is one of the first credit institutions to offer a platform and its services through APIs to provide the following services:

  • A payment initiation service, which enables the payment institution to initiate a payment order at the request of the payment service user, with regard to a payment account open with BBVA.
  • An account information service, the aim of which is to provide aggregated information on one or several payment accounts held by the user of the payment service either at BBVA, or at BBVA and other payment service suppliers.
  • Confirmation of funds. BBVA, at the request of a payment service supplier that issues card-based payment instruments, will immediately confirm the availability of funds in the payment account of the payer in order to execute a card-based payment transaction, provided that the latter has given his or her express consent to BBVA.

All cases require the consent of the customers (companies and individuals) and the authentication of them by the bank, and the accounts must be accessible online.

The TPPs owe comply with the requirements of record, authorization and monitoring on the part of the statutory authorities indicated in the Law.

If are a TPP registered and authorized can access our APIS, technical specifications and environment test in this link You can also resolve any queries or incidents that occur during the technical configuration process by calling the 24-hour hotline: 91 728 23 21 or via email

The TPP have installed in BBVA a customer service helpline in the telephone 91 991 59 35 for the next classifications of calls:

  • Technical incidents that they have not been able to resolve in the setup process.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Claims or disputes.
  • Complaints.

Next publish the statistics quarterly on the availability and yield of the APIs and of the interface used by your users of payment services.

Information quarterly of the September 14 to the December 14

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. not has the obligation of have a contingency mechanism for your interface specific since Banco de España you have exempted of this obligation to the have verified that BBVA's APIs fulfill the requirements necessary.

Bank of Spain Circular 1/2015, dated March 24, for suppliers of payment services, regarding information about the obtained discount rates and interchange fees.

(280 kB) -- Circular 1/2015

Interchange fee

Information on the discount rate charged by BBVA during each quarter indicated.

Information on the interchange fee charged by Catalunya Caixa in each quarter indicated.

Information on the interchange fee charged by Unoe Bank in each quarter indicated.