Some that may come up

To get the maximum mortgage interest rate discount, you need to have the following products:

  • Have your paycheck paid directly into your account (min. €600), pension (min. €300), unemployment benefit or self-employed income direct deposited into your BBVA account.
  • Home insurance:
    Have a BBVA Allianz Seguros comprehensive home insurance policy in force and its payments up to date.
  • Loan repayment insurance:
    Have a valid loan repayment insurance policy with BBVA Seguros that covers at least half the mortgage amount and be up to date on premium payments. If the 50% exceeds €150,000, this amount is enough.

It will be reviewed every 6 months if you maintain your deposits and the policies are still in effect and up to date on the premiums. If not, the undiscounted interest rate will be applied.