Have to stay at home? Follows moves forward with your day by day thanks to the Online Banking of BBVA

Discovers the functionalities that facilitate your operations banking.

The expansion of the coronavirus is doing that are many the people that owe stay at home . A fact to the one which must adapt as soon as possible and for what BBVA puts all your tools at the disposal of your customers thanks to your Banking Online. This them allow carry out your operations banking daily with total peace of mind.

Check the recent movements carried out or the balance of your account, carry out any type of payment or withdraw cash of an ATM are some processes that, if are customer of BBVA, can follow carrying out in a fast and simple way through our app (considered for Forrester as the best one of the banking sector the three last years) or from bbva.es thanks to multiple functionalities of your Banking Online. And if not are customer, can make good use of both platforms for the contracting of products as, for example, a bank account, being able to open an Online Account without Fees (also for 2 account holders) in less than 10 minutes without get around of house, which be operations from the first moment. 

In this item explain all that can do without get around of house, thanks to our Banking Online.

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Contract your Online Account without Fees nor Terms and Conditions in just 10 minutes

Advantages of use our Banking Online

As have remarked previously, BBVA allows to your customers develop all your operations banking through bbva.es or BBVA's app. This includes from the contracting of products until the production of your daily processes, these last ones thanks to multiple tools that compose your Banking Online. This allows:

Pay with the cell phone provided that wants

One of the stock more usual of daily life is the payment a product or a service. The is more immediate, as that one of the food acquired in a supermarket, or anyone who have direct billing as the electricity bills, the gas or the water or, also, the subscription to a platform of contents. Is which is the case, with the Online Banking of BBVA be able to pay all of them in a simple and fast way from the cell phone, without need of go out of the place of residence.

Envíar money when needs

If what needs is pay the part of the present that to one you corresponds, or of a trip that leaves to do in a group, and not can do at the ready, BBVA has several functionalities that help to solve the problem. Can send the money to a third party from Bizum, with only associate the phone number to an account, BBVA Cashup, using the app of usual instant messaging, or through the service of Mobile Cash which allows send money who wishes (even to self) and that the recipient it withdraws in any of our 6,000 ATMs.

Contact BBVA if have doubts

If want carry out an operation and have doubts, our customers not need come to your office for solve them.  Why? BBVA has position at your disposal different ways through which communicate with your manager through the cell phone. From your app of BBVA can access BBVA Chatbots, which them allows use services of messaging as Facebook Messenger or Telegram for consult your balance or where is the ATM closer, or My Conversations, sure space and private so that talk directly with your manager.

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Carries out all your operations daily with our Banking Online, from bbva.es or from BBVA's app.

BBVA also facilitates to your customers the control of the money that have. Through the app, and without get around of house, can know so much the state of your accounts of BBVA, with My day by day, as of anyone who have in other companies, with the Service of Aggregation. Additionally them support with your documents banking (Virtual Mail ), the direct debit payment of your bills (Pay by direct debit your bills) and, last of all, to save (with Movement Intended, My Aims or Program your Account). 

As can see, the functionalities of the online banking of BBVA can do you the life easier. Thus, and although you owe stop some days, your life follows working as always.

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