BBVA for young people

Products and services designed for you.

The first thing you will need is this account

  • For young people between 18 and 29 years of age.
    • €0 for account administration and maintenance.
    • €0 annual debit card fee.
    • No need to deposit your paycheck.

    No fees if you use your card once a month (withdraw money, pay for purchases, etc.).

Cards that suit you and not the other way around

  • BBVA's credit card for people under 30 years old, which will allow you to pay for your purchases a month later or in installments.
  • The debit card for the under 30s for your daily purchases. 
  • The pre-paid card for under 30s that lets you better control your online payments. 

What you need to know about cards (and for whatever reason you have not asked)

  • We'll help you understand how credit cards work and how they are most frequently used

Dreams? Better to have goals

  • Pay for your preparatory, undergraduate or graduate studies. Up to €75,000 and a term of 8 years. Fixed interest rate 3.95% NIR (APR 4.09%).

What you need to know about loans (and for whatever reason you have not asked)

  • It is a good idea to know what is involved in applying for a loan and what the main requirements to obtain one are.