Aggregation service

Add accounts from other banks and track them without leaving the BBVA app

This is what you can do with your aggregated accounts

Without leaving the BBVA app!
  • Check the balance in all your accounts and decide which one to use
  • Request transfers from the aggregated accounts.
  • Make transfers between BBVA accounts or request transfers from aggregated accounts.

What is the Aggregation Service?

  • Imagine being able to see all your account information from different banks in one place: status of your accounts, cards, and all your other financial products. And you can also bank with your aggregated accounts

    With the financial aggregator, you will save time by being able to access your other banks from just one site. You will also be able to see everything easily, conveniently and quickly so you don't miss any details on your BBVA accounts and your aggregated accounts in other banks. This way, you'll always know which bank is best for doing your transactions.

    What operations you can do

    With the financial aggregator, you can access all your accounts from just one site. Find out what you can do with your aggregated accounts without leaving the BBVA app:

    • Queries: See the balance of all your aggregated accounts at a glance to decide which one to use.
    • Transfers: Request transfers from the aggregated accounts in your other banks using the BBVA app.
    • Transfers: Do you have an unexpected expense or bill? You can make transfers between BBVA accounts or request transfers from aggregated accounts

    If you're a BBVA customer, connecting your other banks is simple:

    • Go into the BBVA website or app.
    • Select the bank and add it with the same passwords you use to log into your other banks.

    All in a secure environment. You can easily interact with your other banks through our app or website as securely as when you bank at BBVA.

    Try our bank account aggregator!

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