Discreet mode

Avoid privacy issues by activating discreet mode in your app

Discreet mode helps you to strengthen online security so that you can view your app from anywhere with complete peace of mind.

What is discreet mode?

Discreet mode hides the amounts of your accounts in the global position and also the details of some of your products, so that no one can see them for as long as you want

This way you can protect your privacy and your accounts at any time and in any situation.

How do I enable discreet mode in the app?

Open the app and click on the top right in Menu > Settings > Discreet mode to choose one of the 3 ways to hide your information:

  • Temporary activation. Discreet mode will be active throughout the session and will be automatically deactivated when you log out.
  • Permanent activation. Discreet mode will be active by default until you deactivate it manually.
  • Gesture activation. If your device has a motion sensor, you can also activate and deactivate discreet mode by passing your hand over the screen.

Would you like more information?

The Empresas Bienvenida Account has no fees for ordinary transfers and paychecks paid in euros, Swedish krona or Romanian leu (RON) within the European Economic Area (members of the European Union in addition to Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) ordered from bbva.es, the BBVA app, online business banking and BBVA ATMs.

Not including transfers on magnetic media, FMOs (Fund Movement Orders), same-day-value transfers and immediate transfers. For transfers that are not included, the accompanying expenses and transfer fees established for these purposes on the rate sheet will apply.