Discreet mode

Avoid privacy issues by activating discreet mode in your app

Discreet mode helps you to strengthen online security so that you can view your app from anywhere with complete peace of mind.

What is discreet mode?

Discreet mode hides the amounts of your accounts in the global position and also the details of some of your products, so that no one can see them for as long as you want

This way you can protect your privacy and your accounts at any time and in any situation.

How do I enable discreet mode in the app?

To enable or disable discreet mode:

  • Log into your app
  • At the top right, tap Menu > Settings > Discreet mode
  • Choose the duration you prefer to hide your information, temporary or permanent.

With temporary activation, your information will be hidden until you log out

If you prefer to enable it permanently, the BBVA app will hide your account totals and also the amounts of your purchases, bills or deposits by default, until you disable it manually.