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Sustainability, for a greener and more inclusive future

Creating new opportunities without leaving anyone behind: that is sustainability

Thanks to our staff and our technology, at BBVA we can help you face the challenges of climate change with solutions to grow economically while protecting the environment and social development.

Because our decisions can change it all for the better.

We'll guide you towards a future where people and the planet come first

Climate action

We are designing products and services that allow us to move towards an economic model that streamlines the use of natural resources.
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Inclusive growth

We are helping to create investment infrastructures and options so that society can make progress by offering equal opportunities to everyone.
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Your carbon footprint

Almost anything we do in our day-to-day lives contributes to the carbon dioxide emissions that determine our personal carbon footprint.

Find out how at BBVA we can help you reduce it.

Would you like to know more about sustainability?

Explore our line-up of sustainable products and services

  • For people

    We are going to help you save on your daily energy use and find socially responsible investment opportunities.
  • For self-employed workers and companies

    We are going to boost the growth of your business and reduce your carbon footprintwith financing, energy saving and ecological mobility solutions.

Sustainability information

Regulation 2019/2088 on disclosing sustainability information.

More than 160 years facing new challenges

Today, we at BBVA share your commitment to combating the consequences of climate change and are working towards inclusive and sustainable economic development

2021 award for the best investment bank for sustainable financing

The prestigious publication, Global Finance, has recognized BBVA's commitment to sustainability in the field of financing.