Aid for entrepreneurship

We'll help you turn your idea into your own company

  • We'll be your financial partner in all the steps you need to take with your project.
  • You'll also get the experience of a bank that has already guided thousands of entrepreneurs.
  • Plus, in our Entrepreneurship Guide, we explain how you can set up your company step by step.


We'll work alongside you with specialized solutions to boost entrepreneurship

Liquidity and financing solutions

We'll suggest banking products and financial solutions based on the type of business you want to set up.

Technology solutions and digital tools

Financial (simulators, etc.) and technological tools adapted to your business, depending on your sector.

Specialists by sector

Our specialist advisers will guide you on which solution is best for your business and analyze the most beneficial financing alternatives. 

What grants and subsidies can you request to start your business

We'll help guide you and find out what grants and subsidies for entrepreneurs you can apply for.

Some questions that may come up before you set up a company

The purpose of this guide is to explain, step by step and simply, what the process is of starting a business, whether as a self-employed worker or by setting up a company.
The guide will also show you the admin required to set up your business, information on financing and grants available, and some tips on how to grow your business once you're up and running.

You can get answers to all your questions in our step-by-step guide.