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Open your Online Go Account with a selfie and start using it today. Free of charge, with no fees or conditions for the first year. After one year, the account will remain fee-free, provided you use your card three times a month.
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Everything from your cell phone

Can you imagine having everything you need from your bank on your cellphone? With the BBVA app you have that.

Apple Pay

Only you can pay with your eyes: add your BBVA cards from Wallet or from the BBVA app to make paying easy and convenient.

Renting for retail customers

Drive a Volkswagen Polo Advance 1.0 TSI for just €258.98/month. Offer valid for retail customers through March 31, 2019.

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Fee-free accounts

No account maintenance or administration fees if you meet the requirements.


No debit card issuance or maintenance fees if you meet the requirements

Fee-free debit card cash withdrawals at BBVA ATMs: there are over 6,000.


Unlimited transfers with no fees

Via, the BBVA App or ATMs.


Everything from your cell phone

Become a customer from your cell phone and manage your accounts, cards, bills, and much more.

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Aggregation service

Now you can add your other banks to the best banking app in the world, the BBVA app.

Everything from your cell phone

Do everything from the BBVA app, the world's best banking app of 2017.

BBVA Bconomy

The information about your finances that you were always missing before.
Because the more you know, the better your decisions.

BBVA Valora

If you are looking for a home or you already have one, BBVA Valora helps you to make better decisions

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