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Good-bye fees!

Arrange the direct deposit of your salary or pension and no more worries.

BBVA accounts and cards without fees

Your BBVA account without fees

Are you thinking about opening an account? Come to BBVA and forget about fees. 

At BBVA, we take all our customers' needs into account. And for this reason, we offer a wide selection of bank accounts, full of services and advantages. You can register online, and carry out your everyday operations from internet or from your cell phone; we know your time is valuable!. And, you won't pay administration or maintenance fees, or account fees or fees for your associated cards and you will have a network of over 6,000 ATMs throughout Spain for free of charge cash withdrawals, and an adviser always at your side with BBVA Contigo.


Register now for your online account

No fees BBVA Online Account

Contract your Online Account and manage it from any of your devices: cell phone, computer or tablet.

BBVA Blue Online account

If you are under 30 years old and you're looking for a Joven account, this is the personal account for you.

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