Next Generation EU Funds

A unique opportunity to promote your project

If you are an individual, self-employed person or company and want to carry out a sustainability, digitization or cohesion and equality project, we will work with you and help you apply for a European grant through our partner, Minsait (Indra).

How you can take advantage of this opportunity

View all the available grants and request the one that best suits your company's needs. Don't miss out this opportunity to transform and give a new boost to your business.
  • Public aid to promote self-consumption by installing solar panels.

    Get your company ready to save and protect the environment.

  • They seek to promote sustainable investments that contribute to climate action.

    Grants for projects:

    • That use renewable energy sources (air source heat pump, geothermal, solar, etc.).
    • That promote greater control of consumption through storage systems.
    • To promote the industry and the associated business sector.
  • With the aim of reducing the carbon emissions of the transportation sector, grants are available to:

    • Purchase electric or fuel cell vehicles.
    • Develop the charging infrastructure necessary for the new fleet.
    • Adapt fleet management systems to digitize route control.
  • In order to promote the digital transformation of SMEs and self-employed workers by helping them implement digitization solutions such as websites, e-stores, digital marketing and cybersecurity.

    If you have received the Digital Kit grant, BBVA, as a Digitized Agent, offers an e-commerce solution.

  • Grants to promote the circularity of industrial and business processes to improve the competitiveness and innovation of the industrial fabric. Support for companies in:

    • Raw material reduction.
    • Ecodesign.
    • Waste management.
    • Digital transformation.
  • Regional Economic Incentives (IER) are grants on the investment to be made in a project such as: civil engineering works, furniture, equipment, technical fees, facilities, etc.

At BBVA, we offer financing to supplement the NGEU funds

What the Next Generation European funds are

The EU had intended to establish a budget to develop Europe between 2021 and 2027. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, that budget has been increased to 750 billion euros. This increase is what is known as the Next Generation EU Funds.

The goal is to relaunch the economy in the short term and improve productivity and growth potential in the medium and long term.

Latest news on European Next Generation Funds

You can apply entirely online

At BBVA, the process for applying for the public grants is 100% online. The application is made through a platform of Minsait (Indra), a partner company.

BBVA, Digital Kit Digitiser Agent

If you have received the Digital Kit grant, BBVA, as a Digitizer Agent for the Digital Kit Program, offers an e-commerce solution

At BBVA, we also finance sustainable projects

We are driving a greener and more sustainable future. One of the ways to achieve this is by offering financing for energy efficiency projects. Whether you're eligible for Next Generation EU Funds or not, you can count on us.

Would you like more information?

The conditions of the Next Generation EU Funds are subject to the legal criteria set out by the European Union and/or the Government of Spain.
BBVA will assist customers with the necessary procedures to apply for different types of public aid and/or subsidies through various partners, who, at the direct request of the customer, will perform guideline calculations based on legal sources from official publications and/or bulletins issued by government agencies, as participants in the various programs for channeling funds. The aim is to provide customers with useful tools to detect their potential additional financial needs. However, awarding and accessing these grants and subsidies does not depend on BBVA but rather the suitability of each applicant and the eligibility of each investment project submitted. Please note that each Autonomous Community, local entity or participating public body may modify the application or award criteria.