BBVA, Digital Kit Digitiser Agent

In pursuit of its commitment to digital services for SMEs, BBVA wants to contribute to the digitalisation of companies.

BBVA, as a Digitiser Agent for the Digital Kit Programme, offers an e-commerce solution

The Virtual POS is a simple and secure solution to manage payments and to start making in e-commerce sales, as part of your company's digital transformation.

What is the Digital Kit Programme?

It is an initiative of the Government of Spain, financed with the EU Next Generation funds, as part of Spain's Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which aims to give rants for the digitisation of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed workers belonging to any sector.

Digitisation solutions are those included in the Programme's Catalogue of Digitisation Solutions.

You can request a "digital pass" for the digital transformation of your business of between €2,000 and €12,000, depending on the number of employees.

More information

When you have to sell online, an SME can compete with the biggest corporations

The Virtual-Kit Digital POS terminal is the payment gateway that lets you manage payments in your online store quickly and securely. And receive payments immediately.

And all for €0 a month with the Digital Kit Voucher for 12 months. Without the Digital Kit Programme grant, the cost is €220 (registration of €100 and €10 a month).

Manages charges securely and easily.

With specialized support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Simple and fast integration into the main e-commerce platforms through free executables.
  • Payment page customizable and adapted to any device.
  • Online monitoring of your sales and operation management in the administration module. What's more, with the My Business app you can manage your everyday business operations with ease from your phone.

Set up the Virtual POS terminal according to your market and business model

  • In addition to paying with cards, you can offer your customers other forms of payment: Bizum, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • You can also offer deferred payments with Plazox, pay in one click or pay by subscription, among other options.
  • You can sell all over the world, both to national and international customers, with the multi-language payment page and the option to charge in their currency.

Virtual POS Terminal Rates

First 12 months €0 with the Digital Voucher grant from the EU Next Generation funds

After the first year, the fee will be €10 a month.

The Digital Kit Voucher rate includes:

  • Registration of the Virtual POS.
  • Monthy maintenance of the Virtual POS.
  • Payments with Bizum and Visa and Mastercard cards (except B2B modalities) up to €20,000 a year. If you go over, an additional 1.10% will be charged for each sale. Additional fees will apply for other payment methods.

The Digital Kit Voucher does not include cards from other brands.

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