BBVA Invest

Investment opportunities at your fingertips.

You don't need to know a thing about finance

We will help you find the funds and pension plans you can use to achieve your goals.

Your money will be available

You'll be able to get back the money you invested, and any accumulated gains or losses to date.

No commitment

Once you find the product that can help you achieve each goal, you can decide if you want to sign up.

It is a free tool

Find investment options and track your performance over time will not cost you a single euro.

2. Determine your investor profile

In order to invest in funds, you will have to accept the pre-contractual information for the advisory service and take a suitability test with simple questions, such as how much you plan to invest, your monthly contributions, etc. and find out your risk profile.

3. Get an investment option

We will show you the fund or plan that can help you achieve your investment goal, in keeping with your investor profile.

4. Decide if you want to invest

Once you accept our advisory service, you can start investing quickly and easily if you wish.

You can also track your investment from your computer or smartphone, and we will help you optimize it over time.