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Investing is a real option

Enjoy a better retirement, give a down payment for your home, plan your studies or watch your savings grow. Whatever your goal, BBVA Invest is here to help.

Is BBVA Invest for you?

You don't need to be a financial expert

We will help you discover how you can achieve your goals quickly and easily.

It is a free tool

Find investment options and track your performance over time will not cost you a single euro.

Your money will be available

You will be able to recover what is allocated to investment funds with the gains or losses accumulated so far.

There is no commitment

When you discover what product can help you To achieve each goal, you will decide if you want to apply for it.

How does it help you invest?

Finding the right investment product from the wide range on offer can be daunting. BBVA Invest will help you in a very simple way:

1. Choose your objective

Save for a down payment on a home, get ready for retirement, plan your studies or watch your savings grow. We'll help you to calculate how much money and effort it will take to achieve it.



2. Discover your investor profile*

Through simple questions, such as the amount you plan to invest or if you would make monthly contributions, we will discover the investment products that best suit you.



3. Get an investment option

In a matter of seconds, and completely free of charge, we'll show you a list of products that can help you achieve your goal and, if you wish, you will be able to apply quickly and easily.


4. Track its performance

You will be able to view it at all times from your computer or your phone. Also, we'll keep you updated on the evolution of your investment and make sure it is suited to your needs over time.

What return could you obtain?

The return expectations of each financial product are different and they depend on many factors, such as the amount that is allocated to the investment, the assets in which it invests, the term... 

With BBVA Invest you will always be able to view the information on each product before signing up for it.


And how will you track your investment?

On a day-to-day basis, you will be able to view how the performance of your money from your computer or your phone with the panel My Investments.

We will regularly inform you of your return with a simple summary via email, offering you alternatives if necessary.

Furthermore, you will always be able to contact a BBVA adviser to clarify any queries.

Try BBVA Invest today

Find your investment option free of charge and with no commitment.

*In cases where the product offered is an investment fund, you will need to accept the pre-contractual information from the advisory service and carry out an suitability test to find out the optimum level of risk for the investment.