Deposit calculator

Obtain returns on your money with our deposits

Our calculator will show you the returns* you would obtain with our deposits. 

It's quick and easy: you just need to enter the amount you want to invest, the interest rate for the deposit, and the term of the investment. The BBVA deposit calculator will display your earnings right away.

You can use it at any time to find out what returns you will be earning with each of your bank deposits. At BBVA we take into account your investor profile and your savings needs, in order to offer you deposits that can provide returns on your money with complete security. 

*The information resulting from these simulations is for guidance purposes only, and the financial information indicated could therefore vary depending on the circumstances of the request and concession of the deposit. The data processed and provided does not represent any contract, commitment or legal obligation whatsoever for BBVA or the person requesting the information. The sole aim of this tool is to show the net interest on a possible deposit depending on the interest rate, amount and term indicated by the user.