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You can now start inviting your friends to BBVA and earn money in the process. Choose the promotion you like best and generate your invitation code. It's that simple.

Share the best of BBVA with your friends. It's a win-win for everyone

  • Choose the promotion

    Go to bbva.es or open the BBVA app, go to the "My Promotions" section and choose the best promotion for you and your friend.
  • Share your code

    Sign up for the promotion you want and generate your code.
  • Receive the prize

    When your friend becomes a BBVA customer and meets the conditions of the promotion, you will both receive your prize.
Do you have a code already?
Invite your friends, share your code with them and get the promotional prize.

Choose which promotion you want to invite a friend with

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This number indicates the product risk, with 1 / 6 representing the lowest risk and 6 / 6 representing the highest risk.

BBVA is affiliated with Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per person for the total of all deposits established at BBVA.

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Discover the Fee-Free Online Account + Aqua Debit Card

Become a customer in less than 10 minutes with the Fee-Free Online Account, sign up for the Invite a Friend Plan and your friend and you will receive a cash prize.

Don't miss out on the advantages of the account:

  • €0 No account maintenance or administration fees.
  • €0 No debit card issue or maintenance fees.
  • €0 No fees for cash withdrawals on debit at more than 6,000 BBVA ATMs throughout Spain.
  • €0 No fees for online transfers within the EEA*.

BBVA's offers and promotions are coming

Being a BBVA customer gives you access to a series of offers and promotions that we are preparing for you. Enjoying them is very easy, since you just need to:

  1. Log into bbva.es or the BBVA app.
  2. Choose the one that interests you most from the different offers and promotions available.
  3. Follow the steps specified.

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With the BBVA app, too

Bank from your cell phone and discover all its advantages

  • If you're looking for a home or you already have one, BBVA Valora helps you determine how much it's worth so you can make better decisions.
  • Use Bizum to send money instantly from cellphone to cellphone without account numbers.
  • And much more!
*With bbva.es you don't pay any fees on transfers in Euros, Swedish Krona or the Romanian Leu within the European Economic Area (members of the European Union & Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Excludes electronic transfers, emergency transfers, Fund Movement Orders (FMOs), Value Day transfers, and instant transfers. For transfers which are not included, accompanying expenses and transfer fees established for these purposes do apply.