Opportunities for a greener and fairer future

Solutions that benefit your company and the environment

We want sustainability to stop being such an abstract concept. That is why we want to finance projects that benefit companies while contributing to reducing their environmental impact.

Solutions that can help you save and improve your business'sustainability

    • Lower energy losses.
    • Adjust the energy consumption based on your company's needs.
    • Improved energy performance.
    • Addition of solar panels to generate your own energy.
    • Support to find the installer that rewards you the most.
    • Savings on your bill and reduction of carbon footprint.
    • Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle renting.
    • Saving on fuel and lower emissions.

Organic Conversion Agropréstamo

  • A product to support you on the path towards more sustainable agriculture.
  • Financing for the conversion period from conventional to organic production.

Are you looking for public subsidies?

The Next Generation European funds are designed to fund projects related to:

  • Sustainability: renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, etc.
  • Digitization: infrastructure, education, cybersecurity or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cohesion and equality: education, health, infrastructure for the disabled and to promote culture and sport.

Do you want to know the environmental impact of your business?

We have developed a tool that allows you to discover the environmental impact of your business and its translation in euros. It can help you discover where to start saving.

Would you like to know more about sustainability?

More information on sustainability in business

  • Calculations of possible savings, or those referring to the environmental impact measurement data generated by your business, will always be mere indicative estimates, based on studies published by various official bodies that provide data on average consumption by sector, taking into account current market prices, in contrast with your energy account activity, which are directly taken from your accounts, with your prior authorization. Therefore, it is possible that they may differ from real measurement taken using comprehensive information on your business. That is why the amounts or percentages of future savings may be indicated must never be understood as definitive or as a promise, as they are based on partial information and statistics. It is the company's responsibility to perform the calculations and measurements required before taking any decisions.
    In addition, to correctly determine the total potential savings, the repayment period and possible financing costs, as well as the cost of the investments undertaken, must be taken into consideration.
  • This document does not constitute a binding offer or recommendation from BBVA to take out any product or service, nor does it replace or modify the pre-contractual and contractual documentation that may correspond to any products and services in the future, which will always be subject to prior study and approval by BBVA.
  • BBVA suggests that customers find out about the necessary procedures to apply for different types of public aid and/or subsidies through various partners, who, at the direct request of the customer, will perform guideline calculations based on legal sources from official publications and/or bulletins issued by government agencies, as participants in the various programs for channeling funds. The aim is to provide customers with useful tools to detect their potential additional financial needs. However, awarding and accessing these grants and subsidies does not depend on BBVA but rather the suitability of each applicant and the eligibility of each investment project submitted. Please note that each autonomous region, local entity or participating public body may modify the application or award criteria.