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Pay less on your electricity bill by installing solar panels

  • Install solar panels with our energy partner. 
  • BBVA financing with special conditions.
  • Your house will be more efficient and will grow in value.

We'll help you save at home and change vehicles

  • Crunch the numbers

    Choose solar panels, ECO vehicles, or the solution that interests you most, and calculate how much you could save a year.
  • Start saving

    Our partners will help you make the change of your choice, from installing solar panels to upgrading your car. 
  • Pay little by little

    If you want to finance, BBVA offers special conditions for energy efficiency projects. 
The energy produced by solar self-supply continues to grow, rising 59% in 2023
2023 APPA report on self-supply
With an electric car you can save €700/year on fuel (assuming 15,000 km/year)
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Although you can expect your energy bill to go down from the beginning, there is an up-front cost. However, our simulators are designed to provide an estimate of the savings on your invoices based on your consumption data, so you can plan how long it will take to recoup your investment.