What is BBVA Valora?: functions

It is a tool that can help you find out how much the house you want to buy or rent might be worth, to enable you to make the best decision possible

BBVA Valora is the online tool that helps you find the estimated value of the house you want to buy or rent. Among other services, it also allows you to group together all the costs associated with the property, as well as all the information associated with it to enable you to make the best decisions if you want to renovate or monitor your expenditure.

You can use BBVA Valora for two major activity groups. First, if you are seeking to purchase or rent a home, the tool will be your greatest ally due to the analysis features for the chosen property and the neighborhood in which it is located. This you will enable you to see the estimated impact the investment would have on your finances. Secondly, you can use the tool when you already have your property to group together all the costs for maintenance and potential renovations and expenses arising from the use of the home, such as electricity and gas. This will mean that you will never miss an option and will be able to decide whether to change the bathroom now or later. If you already own or rent a flat, BBVA Valora can also help you understand everything that is related to your BBVA Vivienda Insurance policy and all the details of your BBVA Mortgage.

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To use BBVA Valora, you just need a device with an internet connection, since you can access the service from both bbva.es (desktop and mobile) and the BBVA app. This will enable you to benefit from the services on offer anywhere and at any time without being restricted to traditional office hours.

However, before listing the features of the service one by one, it must be understood that the data provided relating to properties, neighborhoods and calculations is only based on estimates. This data is highly useful in order to negotiate the purchase price of a house or to establish the sale price of your house; however, it is neither official nor binding.

Get a price estimate for what you're looking for

Three features are included that will guide and advise you in your search for a house to buy or rent:

  • Analyze a property.
  • Analyze the neighborhood.
  • Do your calculations.

Analyze a property

With the BBVA Valora service, you can quickly and easily find out the approximate purchase or rental price of a property. All the information is generated and provided by the company Madiva Soluciones, S.L., which obtains it from the cadastral data of the property and other sources (detailed in the legal terms and conditions of BBVA Valora). This means that the assessment will be made based on the geolocation, square meters, year of construction and other relevant characteristics of the property that may influence the estimated price. In addition to this information, the analysis includes data relating to other offers for similar properties nearby.

The tool enables you to analyze up to six different properties without having to login (after the initial login, you can perform unlimited analyses) so you can make the decision that best suits you, on the proviso that an estimate is no substitute for a valuation.

You only have to enter the following data about your location in order to analyze a property: the province to which it belongs, the municipality in which it is located, road, number, entrance, stairway, floor and door. Instead of the above information, searches can also be performed for houses using the cadastre reference. When you have entered all the specified data, click on the "see property information" button below and BBVA Valora will offer you a sale or rental estimate for the house in question.

Analyze the neighborhood

When deciding which house to choose, the area where it is located is a very important factor. For this reason, BBVA Valora is able to analyze the neighborhood in question and find out information such as how many properties there are in the area, how much they are worth and their average surface area. The service can also provide information on how many properties are for sale (as a percentage of total properties in the area), as the more properties there are available, the greater capacity and margin you will have to negotiate the sale or rental price. The function can also provide data on estimated price trends per meter squared in the neighborhood and the most common types of properties in the area.

Define an area on the map shown on your mobile, tablet or computer screen in order to see information on all the areas mentioned above. Once an area for analysis has been established, enter the address you want BBVA Valora to provide information on.

Do your numbers

Finally, within the feature that enables you to assess the value of your chosen property, BBVA Valora can calculate the impact that buying the property will have on your finances. Using the BBVA simulators and calculators, you can choose the mortgage that best adapts to your needs, see what the impact on your finances would be under different scenarios and find out what the costs associated with the purchase and mortgage would be.

Enter the following information in the tool in order to make your calculations and determine your financial capacity: your net monthly income, the town or city where the property is located, whether or not it will be your primary residence, the price of the home, the mortgage you require and the number of years it will take you to repay it.

Get a price estimate for what you have

This second feature is only available to assist BBVA customers once you have purchased or rented a house. It can be used to monitor daily expenses, such as electricity, gas and water services. An itemized account of these expenses can also be provided by month or year. You can also use it to plan any renovations to your house and to replace white goods. Using the "Maintenance" button, BBVA Valora will help you to plan for and finance these two scenarios, based on the year the property was built or when it was last renovated.

Finally, you can also use this function to view the conditions, status and a breakdown of your BBVA Vivienda Insurance policy and your BBVA Mortgage. In the event you have not contracted one of these products, the tool will advise you on all the associated advantages and conditions.

If you are looking for a house or already have one but wish to have all your associated costs combined and monitored, feel free to use BBVA Valora and take advantage of all its features.

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BBVA Valora View, the property search app

If you are looking for a home, get the help you need with the BBVA Valora View app. Available for existing and new customers, it offers useful information about the approximate price of a property, the area and the neighborhood. If you are interested in a specific house, just focus your mobile phone camera on it, and you will receive information such as the approximate price of the house, obtained from the land registry, as well as offers of similar houses in the area. You will also know if it is available for purchase or rent. You can save the homes you like in favorites, and use the smart map to move through different areas and know the average price of the properties.
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