BBVA Fixed Mortgage

With no surprises in your payments

Fixed rate from $${tin15}% NIR over 15 years

$${tae15}% APR


We will apply a 1% bonus on the NIR during the first 6 months.

  • If you direct deposit your paycheck and take out home and payment protection insurance from BBVA, the conditions start at $${tinDomicilias}% NIR $${taeDomicilias}% APR.
  • No notary, management or registration fees.
  • No commitment fee.

Finance up to 80% of your home's value

  • You can request up to 80% for your main home and up to 70% for your second home.

    If the market price and the appraised value don't match, the lower of the two will be used as a reference.


Up to 30-year term

  • You can request a maximum term of 30 years to repay your mortgage. Please note that the age of the youngest account holder with an income and the term of the mortgage may not exceed 70 years. For example, if the youngest account holder is 50 years old, they can request a maximum term of 20 years.

    If the payment date is not on the same monthly date as the signature date, the maximum term of 30 years will be divided into 359 monthly payments, including principal and interest, plus an initial interest-only payment.

Applying for a mortgage is that simple

    1. Calculate your payments using our simulator.
    2. Fill in your details and send the documentation.
    3. The next step will be to appraise the property.
    4. When the mortgage is approved, all that's left is to sign before the notary public

    See the process step by step

Improve your interest rate

  • Some BBVA products offer a discounted interest rate. You are not required to take out these products. However, by doing so, you may pay less on your mortgage.

    • BBVA Comprehensive Home Insurance in force and up to date with payments.
    • BBVA loan repayment insurance in force, up to date with payment and covering at least half of the amount of your mortgage. If the 50% exceeds €150,000, this amount is enough.
    • Setting up and receiving your income by direct billing at BBVA: Salary of over €600 or pension of more than €300. if you are self-employed, you just have to direct debit your social security payment. 

    Remember that the insurance policies are subject to approval by BBVA Seguros.

What happens if you choose a shorter term?

  • The repayment period you choose for your mortgage predetermines the interest rate, which is why we believe it is good for you to see several cases with specific figures:
Term Bonus interest rate

Up to 15 years

See example

Bonus interest rate

From $${tin15}% NIR

$${tae15}% APR over 15 years


Between 16 and 20 years

See example

Bonus interest rate

From $${tin20}% NIR

$${tae20}% APR over 20 years


Between 21 and 25 years

See example

Bonus interest rate

From $${tin25}% NIR

$${tae25}% APR over 25 years


Between 26 and 30 years

See example

Bonus interest rate

From $${tin30}% NIR

$${tae30}% APR over 30 years

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