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With the BBVA Fixed-Rate Mortgage you will pay the same amount every month for your mortgage repayment, with no surprises. So you'll be free to take care of those who matter most.

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What is BBVA Valora?

With BBVA Valora, you can find out the expected sale price of similar nearby real estate, and the approximate purchase price, as well as the impact that this purchase may have on your finances.

How much does it cost

Get to know the market value of your future house and other key points.*

Analyze a property

What the neighborhood is like

Find out more about the specific area that you are interested in.*

Analyze the neighborhood

How to work out the cost

Find out the impact of the purchase on your own finances and calculate other expenses.

Do your numbers

BBVA Valora allows you to ...

With the information that you will find in the search tool, acquired from Madiva Soluciones, S.L. from:

  • the cadastral information of the house (geoposition, m2, year of construction and other characteristics of the property)
  • and offers published for similar and close-by houses

It shows an estimation of the value of a property, which never substitutes a formal valuation.

All the information you will find in the search tool and the guide price calculation are acquired through Madiva Soluciones S.L.

Analyze a property

The neighborhood around the property is a very important factor when choosing your future home, which is why with this tool you can find out:

  • How many properties there are in the selected area, their prices and average surface areas.
  • Number of properties for sale in the area with respect to the total, because the greater the number, the more negotiation power you will have.
  • Evolution of the estimated sale price per m2.
  • Types of buildings in the area.

All the information that you will find in the search tool is acquired from Madiva Soluciones, S.L.

Analyze a neighborhood

With BBVA calculators, you will be able to:

  • Choose the mortgage that is best adapted to your needs.
  • See the impact on your finances in different scenarios.
  • Find out the costs associated with the transaction and the mortgage.

Do your numbers

More info

BBVA Valora is a service from the BBVA Group, which is formed of three tools: how much it can be worth, what the neighborhood is like -owned by Madiva Soluciones, S.L.- and how work out the numbers -owned by BBVA, S.A.

Madiva Soluciones, S.L. is a technological company of the BBVA Group, which provides tools and solutions for data analysis. Using its technology, Madiva generates information coming from various sources and, using a combination of algorithms, offers interesting information for various sectors, including real estate.

With respect to the tools 'how much it can be worth' and 'what the neighborhood is like', Madiva Soluciones, S.L.: all the information is acquired from the property's cadastral information; the Cadastral Registry is the official registry of all property, including housing, commercial premises and plots of land. Madiva Soluciones, S.L. obtains the data from this register for homes of the whole of Spain, except for the Basque Country and Navarre. These two autonomous community regions have their own cadastral systems (one for each autonomous territory), which currently cannot be consulted online.

The prices shown are not an official valuation, whereby a professional visits the property and analysis its state of conservation and characteristics to determine the value. It also excludes aspects that modify the value, such as the state of conservation, special characteristics (views, height or waterfront property), or installations (garden, swimming pool and other services).

* Information provided by Madiva Solutions S.L.

The peace of mind that comes with always paying the same price for your mortgage

With the BBVA Fixed-Rate Mortgage you pay the same amount every month, with no increases or surprises. From 1.70% NIR (APR 2.51%).

  • Fixed interest, from 1.70% NIR (APR 2.51%).
  • Term up to 30 years.

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BBVA Variable Mortgage

At BBVA we have a variable-rate mortgage designed to make it easier for you to buy your home. Get yours from Euribor + 1.25% (APR 1.984%).

  • From Euribor +1.25% (APR 1.984%).
  • Without base.
  • Term up to 30 years.

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Switch your mortgage to BBVA

If you are thinking about transferring your mortgage to another bank, at BBVA we will help to make the process as simple as possible for you. We offer very attractive conditions, with an interest rate from Euribor +1.25% (first twelve months: 1.25% NIR).

  • From Euribor +1.25% (APR 1.665%), first year 1.25%.
  • No start-up fee, no floor clause.
  • Term of up to 40 years.

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And, if you want to transfer your mortgage to BBVA, use the BBVA subrogation calculator

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Term and payment during the initial period

24 MONTHS984,€35 NIR: 2.25%

Monthly payment for the remaining 4 years (if the EURIBOR does not vary)894,52 €

Euribor + 1.38%APR: 3.014%

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Variable-rate mortgage fees

FIXED-RATE mortgage

Your monthly repayment will always be the same, with no increases and no surprises.

Your monthly payment will be:1,245€.28

NIR: 2.25%APR: 3.014%

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Fixed-rate mortgage fees

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